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2014 Website Design Trends

Friday, January 31, 2014


The world is and always will be in flux, constantly changing and adapting to the needs and advancement of the people, especially when it comes to technology.  In recent years alone, technology has progressed at an astronomical rate, and in our field (website design) this is huge! As a web design company we have to keep on top of all the emerging trends as well as the new way technology is being used. As we mentioned in our responsive design post, more and more people are using mobile devices such as tablets and cell phones for online browsing and that affects the way we design and develop these sites so that they work across multiple devices and fit the needs of our clients. We ensure that what we are creating is a product that will captivate and keep people coming back for more.

Some of the major design trends of 2014 are a continuation and better version of previous trends. One trend for example is scrolling. There are many types of scrolling implemented into websites such as horizontal scrolling, column-based scrolling, infinite scrolling and even parallax scrolling.  Yes its definitely not new, it has been around for a while now but with constant improvements, parallax scrolling can really help to bring websites to life as well as adding depth to images and text. This type of scrolling technique implements HTML5 and CSS3 for a desired wow factor added to any website.

Another trend we foresee becoming ever more popular is storytelling. It has only recently gained widespread popularity within the online community due to web designers implementing animations and user interactivity.  They are usually 5-7 second videos, vine or animated gifs that use media to tell a story in a short amount of time.

Simplicity, simplicity, SIMPLICITY! In creating a simple website you devoid it of any clutter or useless information that will only scare away users, so be aware.  Even though you might think something is necessary, perhaps it isn’t.  Simplicity ultimately translates to minimalist design. This style will leave your website looking sleek, clean, sophisticated and utterly superb! This also includes using less text and making the most out of your pages.

Flat design is the last big contender for the year 2014. Windows 8 was the trailblazer on flat design and when Apple launched iOS7, flat design really took off. Many websites and apps have applied flat shapes and solid colors this past year but we really hope to see better “flatness” in the year to come. Flat design works alongside the simplicity trend and does away with unnecessary effects and images that really don’t add any sort of value.

So in conclusion, the year 2014 holds many good design things to come. Excited and can’t wait for it all to unfold!

Posted by JeTT Media Group