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Website Design Interview with One of Our Top Designers

Friday, February 22, 2013

What does your website say about your company? Is it easy to use? Is the imagery and content current and fresh? Is it mobile compatible? These days, a consumer’s first impression of your company is often provided by your website or social media pages so it is crucial to give them a positive user experience.

Here at JeTT, we specialize in all aspects of media and brand management, with one of the major components being website design. For you to get a better idea of the creative and technical workings of website design, we thought it would be best for you to hear it straight from one of our graphic designers. Here is our interview with Lilit DerHovanessian regarding both her personal and professional perspective on website design:.

What project did you have the most fun on?

I have enjoyed the Schwarzkopf Professional projects because of the wide scope of work; designing for Social Media is a challenge because it constantly evolves. With Social Media, you see the results of your work instantly and are in direct contact with your audience.

What was your most challenging project?

As a designer for web, I am constantly thinking about the user experience; considering the flow of the site and coming up with the best solution is always a challenge.

What 2012 website design trend do you hope will go away?

I find sites that overuse jQuery interaction to be distracting and overwhelming. I prefer uncluttered design.

What do you see in the future of website design?

I think with the growth of different types of media/screens, the future will evolve into more responsive web design; websites will have to be optimized for many different types of devices.

What do you consider your specialities?

I would say my specialty is logo design & UI design. 

What project are you currently working on?

Schwarzkopf Professional constantly has new projects, and I'm currently working on a website for Tae Bo, a fitness website.

Do you have a specific approach to designing a site?

Every project is unique, so I don't have one way of going about everything I do. However, research is essential for any project. I am constantly looking for inspiration; I pay close attention to industry trends and the work of other interesting designers. I like listening to music as I work as well.

What do you do in your spare time outside?

I love to watch movies, especially foreign films. I also enjoy finding new artists, musicians, and designers.

For more information or examples of our vast web design portfolio, check out the 'Our Work' tab of our website.

Posted by Tracy Ryan