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Apple's Big Launch and the Strategic Plan Behind It

Wednesday, September 10, 2014
Photo Credit: Twitter

The strategy behind Apple’s iPhone 6 and Apple Watch launch is nothing short of genius. These new Apple products are all we have been hearing about for weeks! Prior to the September 9th launch, leaked photos and rumors revealed what the new iPhone looked like; however, Apple provided minimal information about its actual features. Keeping the new product features hush-hush allowing for people’s curiosity to create the word of mouth buzz was just one of many strategic moves that Apple implemented for the launch.

The iPhone 6 and Apple Watch unveiling took place at Apple corporate headquarters in Cupertino, California. The event was recorded and live streaming was available to everyone via apple.com. Apple also hosted a live blog on their site where updates were posted every few minutes. The hash-tag #AppleLive connected anyone talking about this event and kept fans up to date on the latest announcements. The plan behind #AppleLive was to build excitement and engagement by allowing the public to follow along, tune in, and even share their favorite posts from the live blog. Importantly, tech fanatics who were not present at the event were still informed on every aspect of the launch. 

At the end of the event, U2 gave a live performance that was immediately followed by a message posted to the live blog stating that Apple and U2 were giving away U2’s latest album “Songs of Innocence” free to iTunes Store customers! Soon after this posted another message that read, “This will be the largest album release in history. Over a half-billion people own it. Right now.” This strategy did several things for Apple, it brought in more publicity, attracted U2 fans, and encouraged more people to tune in.  

Another underlying component of Apple’s strategic approach is appealing to early adopters. Early adopters are curious people who are the first to buy the latest product and spread the word to others about the pros and cons of their purchase. Trying to convince the majority of consumers of a new idea or product is essentially useless without getting early adopters on board first. The majority of consumers only adopt a new product after the early adopters, often known as opinion leaders, give approval by word-of-mouth reviews. 

After the interactive launch event, one could guess early adopters and Apple fans are hooked. They now have a preview of all the awesome iPhone 6 and Apple Watch features, but the public can't get their hands on the next best thing just yet. Preordering from the Apple online store starts on September 12th and the retail stores start selling the products on September 19th. Will they sell out? And if they do, was it all part of the grand plan? Nine more days until the next reveal. 

Posted by Tracy Ryan