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Do not fear, the Emoji is here!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

The emoji helps convey a tone that words often fail to express so a simple “I’ll see you later” can be seen as sassy, but do not fear, the emoji is here. You might ask yourself, “why do people use emoji’s?” Well, the original purpose of the emoji was to convey emotions through symbols; the literal japanese translation is “picture character”. We can thank Shigetaka Kurita for these playful creations . Emoji’s were first developed in 1995, but a few years later, in 1999, Japanese telecom provider Docomo introduced the 12x12 pixel emojis we see in our daily text conversations.

Are you an emoticon-er ? Here at Jett we all have our favorite emoticons. If you are truly passionate about certain emojis, you can even order a custom pair of emoji slippers from the Miami based luxury footwear brand, Del Toro , for a hefty price tag of $340.

So when we say, “Jett Media is the best , the emoji helps express a playful tone rather than an arrogant one...even though it is true .

Posted by Tracy Ryan