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JeTT Launches New Site, Bronzeson Avenue!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

We are beyond excited to announce the launch of JeTT’s latest website for Bronzeson Avenue! These fashionista’s have a strong appreciation for authentic luxury goods, and are dedicated to providing shoppers with access to a wide range of exclusive high-end brands. Their system makes it easy for customers to buy top-of-the line products at affordable monthly payments. This passionate group has reinvented the shopping experience by providing a one-stop website for all your extravagant needs… or wants! This process allows you to order any merchandise you want, sign up for a payment plan, and become the proud new owner of the hottest name brand items.  

The goal of this site is to ensure shoppers can purchase their favorite brands from anywhere without having to worry about financial strains. Maintaining a simple and to the point e-commerce experience helps users to find what they need without the hassle. The internal SHOP page is a perfect example of effortless shopping. This internal website page allows you to see a clear layout of the products and displays the name and price with a simple roll-over feature. The clean image display leaves out the unnecessary text and shows users additional information only when they chose to view the item.

The sharp and crisp design gives the site a classy, upscale feel. The persistent header is anchored for user convenience and easy navigation. The footer displays social media icons for Bronzeson’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr accounts, allowing shoppers to easily connect and join their social following. Bronzesonave.com was programmed in Wordpress, and the CMS interface allows for easy updates to the site. An experience like the one that Bronzeson Avenue provides is guaranteed to keep its customers coming back for more!

About JeTT
Here at JeTT Media Group, we work directly with clients to ensure we are providing an optimal experience for users. We focus on creating and developing websites that capture the company mission and go above and beyond competitor designs. We have the ability to work with a range of industries and can mold our services to meet the needs of any company. 

Written By:
Deanna Di Marco

Posted by Tracy Ryan