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Let's Get Social!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

It’s hard to imagine life before Social Media even though the popular Facebook has only been around for a decade, Twitter even less. This day and age content and news travels as fast as lightening, and Social Media has become a vital part of the modern marketing mix.  It’s no longer optional for businesses. We have to either keep up or be left behind!

Social Media sites are constantly changing the way we do everything in the business world. These important platforms are being recognized by industries around the globe in pursuit to build their brand and acquire new customers. Your competitors are using it to their advantage, so why aren’t you? Social Media opens up a plethora of opportunities for your brand that never existed before. Let’s have a look at the benefits:

Using Social Media to its full potential generates great exposure for your brand. Studies show that companies who generate more than 1,000 Facebook likes also receive nearly 1,400 website visits per day. Not only does it drive more traffic to your website, but it amplifies word-of-mouth referrals. Double bonus! And did you know that Google counts social sharing when ranking? The more paths you create online leading to your brand, the stronger it becomes.

Social Media provides us with the opportunity to build long-lasting and loyal relationships with our target audience. A benefit that is absolutely priceless! The use of Social Media humanizes your brand, making it more relatable to consumers. It gives you the opportunity to reach out and connect with them, allowing for customer feedback and open conversation.  And when someone likes you on Social Media, everyone sees it!

Your online presence matters, across all boards! Consumers take the time to research online before making a purchase and are more likely to purchase from a brand with an active Facebook page than one without. But Facebook isn’t the only avenue to take. There are many different Social Media platforms, each serving a unique purpose. Get to know each platform and their strengths so that you can chose the best form of social marketing for your brand!

Here are four of our favorites:

Facebook has a huge database with over 1.19 billion users, making it the ultimate platform for businesses. Don’t be shy to display your brand personality. This platform is great to update fans on news about your company, what your company is interested in and who you are as a brand. In turn you’ll gain many loyal customers!

Twitter is great for businesses wanting to have real time conversations with consumer. It’s fast-paced and in the moment. Join in discussions relevant to your company to show consumers that you’re taking notice and want to communicate. Don’t be afraid to make it personal!

Another great way to show off your brand’s personality is Pinterest. Pinterest is excellent for businesses whose main appeal is their imagery. Here you can create boards centered around your company and it’s culture. We particularly love this platform because of its content sharing format and great conversion rate! See how we utilize Pinterest HERE.

Last, but not least, there is Instagram. This contemporary platform, with it’s younger demographic, is a fun and visually captivating way to create interest and curiosity about your company.

Which is your favorite Social Media platform? Shout it out below! 

Posted by JeTT Media Group