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Social Media: A Game Changer for Sports Teams

Friday, November 07, 2014

There is no denying the power social media, and when it comes to sports it is evident that social networking is a crucial tool for success. Social media has forever changed the sport speculator experience and the way players and teams interact with fans. Take the NFL for example; all 32 NFL teams combined have about 13 million followers on Twitter, making Twitter the number one source of news for the National Football League.

The Dallas Cowboys take the lead on social media rankings with over 7 million Facebook likes and more than 900,000 Twitter followers! In response to their strong social presence over 30 million viewers tuned in to watch the Cowboys vs. Redskins, making it the most watched NFL game in history!

Social media popularity directly affects each player’s value, which is why it is so important that sports teams, and athletes get on the social radar! What better place to interact with fans than social media? Sports fanatics are dedicated to supporting their teams and are not afraid to share their passion on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. These passionate fans are eager to express their opinions and engage with their favorite players and the only place that can happen in real-time is social media.

As fans often forget athletes are real people too, with similar interests and everyday routines. Social media humanizes athletes and teams, revealing their personal side to the public, making them relatable figures. Social media allows fans to connect with their favorite players on another level therefore growing their loyalty to the athlete and the team.

High-ranking successful teams use a social strategy that allows them to boost the fan experience through engagement while simultaneously making money with promotions and advertisements. For leagues such as the NFL, social media gives them the ability to increase the amount and reach of content available to fans. 

Who’s your favorite NFL team to follow on social media? Let us know in the comments below!  

Written By:
Deanna Di Marco

Posted by Tracy Ryan