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Social Shopping: The New Face of E-Commerce

Friday, October 24, 2014

Social media shopping is on the rise and has the capacity to eventually become the new face of e-commerce. Social platform, Facebook, currently dominates SM commerce with Twitter and Pinterest following behind. This new type of commerce has untapped major potential and gives retailers the opportunity to connect with their customers on and totally new level.

Why sell on social media? There are several reasons why retailers and shops should take their commerce to the next level. First off, users frequently discuss and share products and brands via SM, ultimately using SM as part of their decision making process. The connection between social networks and shopping reveals that SM can help companies determine what their consumers want based on their conversations and sharing patterns. These indicators are a good sign of what people are going to buy, and what a better place to offer your products than where the conversation is?

Another reason to embrace social commerce is the mass amount of people that can be reached. Over 1.73 billion people use social media on a daily basis, and at least 50% of those people shop online. These statistics show the potential for success in social commerce. The number of people shopping online will only continue to increase as point-of-sale software’s drastically improve becoming more secure and stable systems, making shoppers more comfortable entering their credit card information. In today’s environment ease of use is key; people want easy “one-click” options. Simplicity is achieved with social shopping by allowing users to shop directly from the SM platforms they already use religiously.

A solid SM marketing campaign and secure checkout system can help any company get on board with the next best shopping experience. Here at JeTT, we work closely with our clients to create a successful shopping experience for SM users. JeTT puts together social media marketing campaigns that are guaranteed to seamlessly blend shopping features into any SM account. We help our clients increase their reach by hosting contests, sharing quality content, and retargeting. Retargeting allows us to position ads so that they reach more target consumers by only appearing to users who would be interested.

Selling on social media actually reduces the amount of marketing and outreach work on the sellers end, especially with the help of a marketing agency like ours. JeTT has the ability to create and implement a successful social commerce experience for our clients and their customers. Interested in adding a social shopping cart to your page just in time for the holiday season? Let JeTT lead the way!

Written By:
Deanna Di Marco

Posted by Tracy Ryan