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Updating Your Site!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Making consistent and relevant updates to your website plays a crucial part in the success of your businesses. Displaying outdated content on your site may turn away prospective clients and portray your company in a different light than intended. If you are not giving visitors a reason to come back to your page then you are jeopardizing the growth of your company.   

Your site is often the first thing people see when it comes to your business so give them a reason to choose you over countless alternatives. One thing to consider when making updates to your site is the design. Be sure your site is well organized and gives a professional impression.  To ensure that your design is up-to-date and in-style always be aware of the amount of whitespace incorporated in your layout. 

When updating content, it is important to keep your page crisp and fresh and avoid letting out dated material take over. Adding new content will not only increase your online traffic but also boost your SEO. Although it may sound like a hassle, all of this is easy to execute through a CMS platform such as WordPress. The key is to simplify your content and condense it as much as possible so it is not overwhelming to viewers. One way to simplify the overall look is by converting numbers and text into images wherever possible. Infographics are great for this! Visitors would rather see an image that is straightforward and uncomplicated than read a paragraph. In addition, images take up less space then wordy explanations and create an effortless experience for users without the clutter effect.

Remember you are only a “Google-search” away from every potential customer so make sure you are representing yourself in the best way possible!

Posted by Tracy Ryan