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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short, is a method of ranking a website as close to the top as possible in the search engines, such as Google. SEO marketing is a complex process that is a long term process that delivers measurable results when the proper tracking is in place. To really understand the value of SEO, you need to understand the value of the search engine and human behavior.

SEO is very important for a website's visibility. Simply put, SEO means designing a website so that search engines can easily find web pages and index them, which in turn makes it easier for people to find your site. Potential customers will type a word or two into the box, hit 'Enter', and immediately find a listing for your company's web site. SEO can make the content of your web pages more relevant, more attractive, and more easily read by search engines. Search Engine Optimization is the tool that can ensure that your site will be listed within relevant search results, and as close as possible to the top of Google. When you are looking to hire an SEO firm ask lots of questions! You want to work with a legit firm, someone who will give you exactly what you need and follow the rules. Ask to see examples of previous work and share some success stories. Ask them about their reporting methods and how often they are able to deliver results to you. Communication is a key component! It is important to be able to communicate easily with the firm you are working with.

Blacklisted SEO Methods:

Beware of the following SEO methods, commonly referred to as spamming:
  • Automatically creating 'doorway' pages
  • Keyword loading and keyword stuffing techniques
  • Pages stuffed with irrelevant keywords for intentional ranking
  • Centralized or unrelated link farms or link exchange program

Keywords Are Crucial:

One way to ensure quality SEO on a website is to have keyword friendly phrases around your website for Google to recognize these phrases. For example, as an SEO company, we would have the following phrases placed from within the pages of our site:
Branded keywords: nivo | nivo media | nivo media group
Highly competitive keywords: seo company | seo website | seo firm | seo firms | seo social media | top seo companies | top seo firms
Not as competitive keywords: los angeles seo companies | los angeles seo company | la seo company | la seo websites | social media marketing los angeles
Target specific keywords: top seo marketing los angeles | best seo marketing firms in la | social media firms in los angeles
What does this mean? Begin with the non competitive words and in time, work your way to the top! Inquire with a top seo company in your region to see what kind of service they can provide for you, or you can inquire with us and we'd be happy to give you a site analysis and a proposal based on your budget. We always advise our clients that SEO is a very important factor from the very beginning because you want your website ranking in Google as quickly as possible.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing or it's also known as Search Marketing.As a SEM agency in Los Angeles, we cover two broad areas i this field. Some can say that SEM can umbrella the ability to handle SEO, however we feel that SEM is its own category because it encompasses a specific method of gaining traffic: 1. Paying for it, and 2. Fast results.

Search Marketing is mostly dominated by Google Adwords, so it's important to really understand this competitive market and when deciding to use an SEM Firm, make sure they have the proper qualifications to be able to handle on going budgets that will convert your traffic into sales.

Our SEM leader, Mia Nguyen, is a certified Google Adword specialist, and has over five years of professional campaign management skills, handling everything from start-up scale businesses with a limited budget to publicly traded multi million dollar clients all with the same goal and vision of higher Click Through Ratio, based on her knowledge of proper budgeting, keyword targeting, and landing pages. Our team is capable of handling day to day management or as an outside consultant to overlook your in house team for any readjustment.