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3 Things You Need To Know About Social Media Marketing

How many social networks should you use? 

Every company's social media marketing needs are different and the number of social media networks your company engages in can differ. At the very least we always recommend three - Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Those three social media networks are the most dominant on the web today and if your company is not available through each, your company is missing online conversions every day. There are now literally thousands of social networks and the online social landscape is constantly changing, your company may need to also participate in other social networks like Foursquare or LinkedIn. We handle these client by client.

How do you integrate your social media assets? 

It's important to integrate your social networks when executing an online marketing campaign. For example, say you launch a contest on Facebook, it does not stop with a post and a page. You would also publish a post to your blog, send an announcement to an e-mail subscriber list, promote the contest on Twitter and upload a video about the contest to YouTube. This way you are maximizing the number of participants in the contest, increasing the exposure and fan base across all social media assets and driving high quality and engaged traffic to your website. 

How do you keep your online communities engaged? 

Content, content, content! Keeping content fresh on your Facebook wall, Twitter feed, YouTube channel, blog and all social networks is the key to successfully engaging your online community. Participate in the communities with them. For example, if a Twitter follower re-tweets your post - thank them for it. If your community sees that you’re actually speaking back to them, your entire online community will respond well to your brand and your online community will continue to grow.

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