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UX - User Experience

JeTT believes user experience design is crucial to the development of a successful website. It is critical to have established goals for users once they come to your website and that your design is intuitive and easy to navigate. We work with clients to ensure that their user experience is optimized to meet their objectives, whether that be telling a rich brand story or guiding users down the purchase funnel. The UX process includes developing a logical sitemap, defining user flow, analyzing CMS needs to make updates seamless and creating wireframes that serve as the foundation for a great user experience.

Discovery Phase

JeTT recommends a thorough Discovery Phase that clarifies the target goals for your business. Our discovery process is tailored to the unique needs of each client and can include market research and competitive analysis. We take time to understand the unique complexities of your business and apply those insights to an execution strategy that is tailored to meet your business objectives. This pre-production process allows JeTT the opportunity to address any challenges prior to commencement of work and ensure the final product delivered meets the needs of our customers.

IA - Information Architecture

Information architecture (IA) is the art and science of organizing and labeling content to support usability and findability. IA is an important discipline applied to organizing the information for your website, interactive experiences and technologies to support usability. IA uses principles from architecture like blueprints to illustrate flow and design, necessitating both discovery and analysis to be properly executed.